ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Quit Smoking NOW...

Say Goodbye To Your 'Impossible To Quit' Smoking Habit In Just 90 Minutes So You Can Finally Be At Your Personal And Professional Best... Without Experiencing The Uncontrollable Cravings Or Nerve Racking Stress


From the desk of Paz Gohil

20th October 2021

Dear friend,

Quitting smoking, it feel’s like a constant up hill struggle doesn’t it? 

One that makes you consider giving up the fight and resigning to the fact that you are a smoker and are going to continue being a smoker for the rest of your life.

Using the popular solutions out there, you have enjoyed short and fleeting periods of not smoking… all for your smoking habit to win out and come back with a vengeance.    

This Is A Very Frustrating And Disempowering Situation

One that has you feeling like you are letting yourself down.

Because as a high level entrepreneur you demand levels of success, effectiveness and performance from yourself that most average people would consider unreasonable.

Simply put…

Business, professional and personal growth are your ‘default’ because stagnation is just not an option.

So when you think about your smoking habit it dawns on you how inconsistent it is with the successful approaches you apply to the other facets of your personal and professional life.

You even find yourself sometimes looking at your cigarette and thinking…

How The Hell Can This Little 
Stick of Tobacco Have 
So Much Control Over Me?

Further more...

You’ve noticed the artificial lines between your personal and professional success dissolving, and are now keenly aware of how a negative aspect in one sphere of life can easily bleed into the other.

The realization your smoking habit is slowly but very surely chipping away at your health, your fitness, your productivity, your wallet, your potential and even at the time you have with your loved ones... has taken a strong hold.

Let's be brutally honest...

If Smoking Were An Investment Option It Would Be A 'Depreciating Asset'

...In every sense of the word.

You want to stop, and God knows you keep on trying…. But it feels like the whole game is rigged against you.

If this speaks to your own experience and journey as a smoker... and you've decided 'enough is enough'

Then continue reading...

Because this might be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s why,

I'm Looking For My Next Client Success Story

If you’re that client, I will personally work with you ‘one on one’ and help you to quit smoking permanently… without experiencing any stress or cravings.

After doing this for a few years I’ve gotten pretty good at consistently replicating this result… client after client.

Better still, we can achieve this result in the time it takes for you to take an extended lunch break… just 90 minutes.

I have developed and designed my quit smoking method with you in mind.

This Is A High Level Solution For High Level Entrepreneurs

One that meets your demand for a great results… and respects your busy schedule.

So you’re probably wondering what makes my method different from everything else out there in the world of ‘smoking cessation’.

Well here’s the deal…

Every Aspect Of Your Smoking Habit Will Be Dismantled

By the time we are finished there will be no part of you or your mind that want's to smoke anymore.

Smoking will simply no longer be a part of your reality or your experience.

You will be a non smoker in every sense...

X  No cravings.

X  No anxiety.

X  No nicotine patches.

X  No vaping.

X  No pharmaceutical drugs.

X  No Counseling.

Just complete freedom....

What Does Your Future Look Like Without Smoking?

Well, the transformations to your health are measurable.

All of your health 'metrics' will improve significantly:

And then you have the 'Priceless' transformations that are very difficult to place a value on...

What Is A Transformation Like With Worth To You?

As you're still reading, It’s clear that you are intrigued and excited about the life changing opportunity that is at your finger tips… and you are interested in the idea of working with me ‘one on one’ to quit smoking in just 90 minutes.

Anyway, as you can imagine I get a lot of interest from this letter.

So before we go any further, you should know this is not for everyone and I am very selective about who I work with.

I give 100% to every client, and from my clients I expect the same level of participation, intent and commitment to the result.

So I do have some strict (yet fair) requirements...

There Are Some Conditions 
You Need To Meet

Here they are:

1: You are 100% sure you want to quit smoking, now: It's not something you are willing to put off any further.

2: Quitting smoking is your decision: You are not here at somebody else's behest.

3: You understand this is a collaborative process: I cannot magically make anything happen without you doing your part. I'll bring my 'A' Game and you promise to participate fully and sincerely.

If you are wobbly on any of these conditions and you’re smoking habit is an acceptable problem for you to have, then please hold off from proceeding.

If however you meet these conditions then I think we may be to be a great fit to work together and I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s What To Do Next

First, we’ll get on Zoom for a 45 minute ‘discovery’ call… there's no charge for this.

On this call we will bring into laser focus exactly what your smoking habit is bringing into your life… the good, the bad and the ugly.

It's also a great chance for us to get to know each other a little better.

This will be the first time you've explored your smoking habit so deeply, and your 'discoveries' will very surely result in one of the two outcomes by the end of our call...

1) It'll be crystal clear that you are 100% ready to quit smoking and I think we are a good fit to work together. In which case I will invite you to become my client.


2) It will be clear that this quit smoking transformation and us working together is not the best course of action at this moment in time. In which case we’ll shake hands and part ways as good friends.

Either way, you'll get tremendous value out of our call. I've never had anyone feel like their time was wasted

I can't be fairer then that.

Click on the button below and let's talk...

You Are At A Fork
In The Road

And it’s very clear where each of these two roads take you..

The first road takes you down the predictable path you’ve been traveling on so far… where your health, wellness, money, potential, quality of your professional and personal life, and your time with your loved ones gets sapped and depleted.

The truth is, if you choose to remain in your comfort zone and continue doing the same things then nothing is going to change for you.

It was Albert Einstein who famously said…

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” 

Which leads you to the second fork in the road…

This road takes you down a better path that leads to a better future where your health, wellness, money, potential, quality of your personal and professional life, and your time with your loved ones gets invigorated and strengthened.

Where you take back control and get to be the best version of yourself.

When the choices are so clear cut… which of these futures are you saying ‘YES’ to?

Your Choice Is Clear

Like any clear choice, time and urgency of action are a factor.

Because every moment you choose to procrastinate on your life transforming decision to quit smoking... is another moment you are choosing to invest in your smoking habit.

The simple truth is...

The transformation you seek will only occur when you decisively step outside of your current comfort zone.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Paz Gohil

P.S. If you've skipped the entire letter then here's a recap. I'll help you to quit smoking in 90 minutes so you can be at your personal and professional best... without experiencing any stress or cravings.

P.P.S. First we'll get on a 45 minute 'discovery call' to see if we are a good fit. At the end of the call we'll either decide to work together, or we'll shake hands and part ways as friends.

P.P.P.S. If you choose to stay in your comfort zone then you are choosing to continue investing in your smoking habit... and all of it's negative effects to your personal and professional life.